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When we talk about cross selling , we refer to a marketing technique that allows you to motivate customers to buy additional services or products to those they are already buying.

With cross selling marketing it is possible to lead the customer in a delicate way and without forcing to buy extra items that are linked to the initial product. For example: a pair of headphones for your smartphone, fries and a coke together with a hamburger, etc…

What is the meaning of cross selling? What are the benefits of a cross sell marketing strategy ? And why does it help you sell more? Let’s find out together!

Cross Selling definition and main features

Cross selling is a cross-selling method that encourages customers to spend more by buying products related to what they already intended to buy https://www.propertyleads.com/motivated-seller-leads/motivated-seller-leads-oregon/

Unlike up-selling which consists in proposing a product of greater value than the one initially intended to buy, cross-selling serves to offer the customer products or services that are useful for completing the shopping experience.

Cross selling has become popular in the world of e-commerce, but in reality it is a technique that has always been used by “physical” or traditional shops and businesses.

In fact, using this technique, whether it’s in a physical store or online, allows you to sell a greater number of products and increase your profits. This is why more and more brands are choosing to implement a cross-sell strategy.

Example of cross-selling and value for your marketing strategy

By observing the strategies implemented by various international brands, it is possible to see how cross-selling is a common activity and exploited precisely in order to sell a greater number of products.

Let’s see together an example of cross-selling:

A famous brand in the world of sports footwear decides to use cross-selling techniques both in-store and online.

In the shop, he instructs his salesmen in such a way that when buying a pair of shoes, he offers a large number of related products such as: shoelaces, shoe deodorizer, protection for waterproofing sports shoes, bags and backpacks sports etc…

Thanks to this wide range of products related to each pair of shoes in the store, he manages to induce the customer not only to buy his favorite shoes but also all the accessories which, if well proposed, seem essentia.